Ingredient Spotlight: Nutritional Yeast



Hello! I am nutritional yeast. Also known as ‘Nooch.’ But please don’t call me that. You might know me as the funky flakey product with which vegans have traditionally anointed their popcorn. I have also known to lurk within an ersatz nacho cheese. My odour is reminiscent of marmite. Or maybe you don’t know me? Don’t be afraid. Continue reading

Fast pasta for lazy days

Recipe books rarely assume you, the cook, are feeling hungry yet simultaneously disinterested in actually making any food. The following ideas are, quite frankly, simple and obvious. This is not gourmet or even ‘quite nice’ cooking. This is making a hot and filling meal on a day when you wish it were already made. You will need only one saucepan and a limb willing to do some half-arsed stirring. Continue reading